Oracle XMLTable: Querying and Manipulating XML Data in Oracle Database

Oracle XMLTable


Oracle XMLTable is a powerful feature provided by Oracle Database that allows users to query XML data directly in SQL. It provides an easy and efficient way to extract data from XML documents and integrate it with relational data.

Working with XMLTable

To use XMLTable, you need to have XML data stored in an XMLType column in your database. XMLTable allows you to define an XML schema and map XML elements to relational columns, making it easy to query and manipulate XML data.

Creating an XMLTable

To create an XMLTable, you need to specify the XMLType column containing the XML data, the XML schema, and the columns you want to extract from the XML document. Here’s an example:

CREATE TABLE employees (
xml_data XMLType

INSERT INTO employees VALUES (1, XMLType(‘John Doe30‘));

SELECT, x.age
FROM employees e,
PASSING e.xml_data
COLUMNS name VARCHAR2(50) PATH ‘name’,
age NUMBER PATH ‘age’) x;

In the above example, we create a table called «employees» with an XMLType column called «xml_data». We insert an XML document into the table and use XMLTable to extract the «name» and «age» elements from the XML document.

Using XPath Expressions

XMLTable supports XPath expressions to navigate and extract data from XML documents. XPath is a language for navigating XML documents and selecting nodes based on various criteria. You can use XPath expressions in the XMLTable’s COLUMNS clause to specify the elements you want to extract.

Updating XML Data with XMLTable

XMLTable not only allows you to extract data from XML documents but also enables you to update XML data using SQL. You can use the XMLTable’s COLUMNS clause to map relational columns to XML elements and update them accordingly.


Oracle XMLTable is a powerful feature that provides seamless integration between XML and relational data. It allows users to extract and manipulate XML data using simple SQL queries, making it easier to work with XML documents in an Oracle Database environment. Whether you need to extract data from XML or update XML data, XMLTable provides a straightforward and efficient solution.

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