Nattype Limitation: No Support for strftime in Python

Nattype does not support strftime


Nattype is a Python library that provides network address translation (NAT) type detection. It allows developers to determine the type of NAT being used by a specific network connection. However, one limitation of Nattype is that it does not support the strftime function.

Understanding strftime

The strftime function is a widely used method in Python’s datetime module that allows developers to format date and time objects into a string representation. It provides a flexible way to customize the output format by using various format codes. This function is commonly used in applications that require displaying dates and times in a specific format.

The Limitation

Unfortunately, Nattype does not support the use of strftime. This means that developers cannot directly format the date and time information obtained from Nattype using the strftime function. This limitation can be frustrating for developers who rely on strftime for date and time formatting in their applications.


Although Nattype does not support strftime, there are alternative ways to achieve the desired result. One approach is to convert the date and time information obtained from Nattype into a datetime object and then use the strftime function on that object. Here is an example:

import datetime

nattype_time = nattype.get_time() # Assuming nattype.get_time() returns the date and time information
datetime_obj = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(nattype_time)
formatted_time = datetime_obj.strftime(«%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S»)

By converting the nattype_time into a datetime object using the fromtimestamp method, developers can then use strftime to format the time according to their needs.


While Nattype is a useful library for NAT type detection, it does have limitations, such as the lack of support for strftime. However, with the workaround mentioned above, developers can still format the date and time information obtained from Nattype using the datetime module’s strftime function. It may require an extra step, but it allows developers to customize the output format as needed.

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