Implementing Redirect After Login with Redux Saga

Redux Saga Redirect After Login


In web applications, it is common to have a login functionality that redirects the user to a specific page after successful authentication. In this article, we will explore how to achieve this using Redux Saga, a popular middleware library for handling side effects in Redux.


Before diving into the implementation, make sure you have a basic understanding of Redux and Redux Saga. Familiarity with React and React Router will also be helpful.

Step 1: Setting up the Redux Store

To get started, create a Redux store with the necessary reducers and middleware. Install the required dependencies using npm or yarn. You will need redux, react-redux, redux-saga, and react-router-dom.

Step 2: Implementing the Login Form

Create a login form component that captures the user’s credentials and dispatches an action to initiate the login process. This component should be connected to the Redux store to access the necessary state and dispatch actions.

Step 3: Creating the Login Saga

In the Redux Saga middleware, define a saga function that listens for the login action. Within this saga, make an API call to authenticate the user’s credentials. If the authentication is successful, dispatch an action to store the user’s authentication status and redirect them to the desired page.

Step 4: Handling the Redirect

To handle the redirect, use the react-router-dom library. In your login saga, import the history object from the react-router-dom package. After dispatching the action to update the authentication status, use the history object to push the desired route to the browser’s history.

Step 5: Protecting Routes

To prevent unauthorized access to certain routes, you can create a higher-order component (HOC) that checks the user’s authentication status. If the user is not authenticated, redirect them to the login page. Wrap the protected routes with this HOC to enforce authentication.


By using Redux Saga, we can easily implement a redirect after login functionality in our web applications. The combination of Redux, Redux Saga, and React Router provides a powerful solution for managing authentication and navigation. With these tools, you can create secure and seamless user experiences.

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